In the Pressroom

Printing that moves as fast as the industry… maybe faster

Today speed is the name of the game. But that’s not enough. Quality, consistency and integrity cannot be sacrificed. To be the best and the fastest in the printing industry is to have the Océ ColorStream 10000 and i3output is fully equipped. With the acquisition of this revolutionary new press, we are leaving our competition in the dust and so can you. One of only three in the entire U.S., this press fits our growth model perfectly. It is a web-fed, full-color digital printer that accommodates both on-demand and individualized marketing needs with 100 percent variable data integrity. The intelligent design is both fast and intuitive, choosing appropriate modes for optimal, high-speed performance—raising productivity and lowering unit costs. The printing revolution has begun. Can you keep up?

Océ ColorStream 10000 features:

  • Full-color, web-fed digital printing: Operates at web speed of 59.52 m/min (168 A4/ 172 letter images per minute) in full color and up to 800 A4/ 852 letter images in B/W
  • Print-on-demand and individualized marketing capabilities
  • High-speed with superb quality: Optimizes its own speed without intervention for dynamic productivity
  • Complete color consistency: Long run color consistency control with integrated inline color linearization that continuously checks color values during printing
  • Unmatched output quality with the ability to vary the luminance of each individual 600 x 600 dpi LED to ensure brilliant, sharp reproduction, outline-free gradations and finely detailed halftones and images
  • Media versatility: Capacity to absorb the volume of multiple cutsheet color and B/W printers allows you to generate revenue from B/W, color and monochrome flexibility
  • 100% data integrity: Sophisticated security with a patented matching technique that ensures data is correct on every page, every time
  • Single pass duplex and no-contact fusing: prints and fuses both sides of the web simultaneously in a single pass resulting in unsurpassed quality, fine detail and perfect registration every time

Transform challenges into opportunities with Océ PRISMA and i3output.

Compatible, comprehensive and consistent, this software solution can help you maximize both time and money in transactional document production. Improve document consistency and quality from concept through production and finishing, simplify proofing with 100 percent accurate online proofs and reduce over-printing of variable data and graphics onto pre-printed forms. PRISMA easily automates redundant tasks and streamlines data center operations. It is a comprehensive and customized solution to the complex challenges of transactional data production… and it’s only at i3output.

Océ PRISMA Business Benefits:

  • Improved flexibility and productivity
  • Improved control and reduced errors through data verification and job tracking
  • Reduces document creation and system management costs
  • No need for additional staff, training, system maintenance or dedicated systems experts

Precise soft-proofing every time!

Proofing your print pieces is a critical part of the production process. It is your last chance to catch any errors and check your colors before printing. i3output introduces the Océ TrueProof™ professional on-screen proofing system. Now you can see exactly what will go on the press in real-time, down to the individual pixel, allowing you to accelerate turnarounds and increase the cost-effectiveness of your proofing process. One more way that i3output keeps you ahead of the competition.

Océ TrueProof™ features:

  • View document proofs on-screen with 100% accuracy down to the individual pixel or produce a precise VarioPrint® printed proofs.
  • Check the register accuracy with industry-unique, semi-transparent verso page viewing.
    Track the print process.
  • Fast search on the basis of words, IPDS commands, etc., with the integrated search function.
  • Management database for the efficient organization of larger amounts of data or numbers of print jobs.

Océ TrueProof™ flexibility features:

  • Display background forms to allow positioning of print data on pre-printed paper
  • Adobe look and feel with the ability to print pages displayed in the Windows® viewer on non-IPDS printing systems
  • Works with all major data formats
  • Emulates IPDS and PCL printing systems
  • Converts to PS/PDF and PCL for small print jobs on associated non-IPDS systems or electronic transmission via e-mail or FTP
  • Cutsheet emulation functionality
  • Differentiates between simplex and duplex print jobs

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